This Week’s Tournament Schedule

The following information is also available as a PDF document:


This week is our regional robotics competition at the Del Mar Arena at the Fairgrounds.

The FIRST Robotics Competition San Diego Regional tournament is host to 60+ teams from around the United States and the world. We have a lot of students on the team this year, but unfortunately, we haven’t had any adults volunteer to supervise this season. This leaves Mike and Janelle Fine to supervise the entire team, so we are allowing 8 students per mentor, meaning 16 students will be allowed on this field trip.

If you have been coming to our team lunch meetings, but haven’t had time to help during the 5-week build season, we invite you to visit the tournament on Friday afternoon or Saturday, but parents, those students will not be supervised and will be there as part of the general public. Come and visit our pit area and watch some of the tournament!

Anyone going into the “pit area” must wear closed toed shoes, safety glasses and have long hair secured at all times.

Here is our planned schedule.


Time: After school (Most students picked up at LCC by 5:15 pm, load-in team will return around 8:30 pm)

Meet in LCC Room 905 and help load our large rental truck with all equipment, robot, and spare parts.

We are limited to 5 team members for the actual load-in at Del Mar this year. This means that most students will need to be picked up at LCC by 5:15 pm.

Those helping load in will return around 8:30 pm, all others should be picked up at LCC by 5:15 pm.


Depart: 6:45 am in front of LCC, leaving promptly at 7 am
Return: around 6:30 pm to LCC
Food: Bring lunch (must eat in designated area) or money to buy food

This is the day we have to get the robot running, inspected and (we hope) onto the practice field.


Depart: 6:45 am in front of LCC, leaving promptly at 7 am
Return: around 6:30 pm to LCC
Food: Bring lunch (must eat in designated area) or money to buy food

Competition all day, presuming we get inspected.


Depart: 6:45 am in front of LCC, leaving promptly at 7 am
Return: around 9:30 pm to LCC
Food: Bring lunch (must eat in designated area) or money to buy food

Saturday morning we will had the remainder of the qualifying rounds. After lunch, quarterfinals begin. We may or may not make it to the quarterfinals, depending on our performance.

If you want to visit, Friday afternoon or Saturday morning will be the best chances. As mentioned above, you must have proper attire to visit the team’s pit area.

Our mentor team from SDA, Team Paradox, has some words of wisdom which I will paraphrase for LCC Robotics:

“Here are some reminders about the competition:

  • Please wear closed-toed shoes- visitors too! The robot pit area, which everyone should visit if you can, requires closed-toed shoes at all times.
  • You can buy food and drinks at the venue.
  • Bring a jacket as it is an open venue and may be cold.
  • YOU are representing La Costa Canyon every second you are in your team spirit wear. This means NO RUNNING, no swearing, and absolutely no horseplay in the pit area or outside. Just remember that you are representing your team regardless of if you are buying a hot dog, if you are in our pit, or if you are in the stands.”


Women in STEM Event

This year out team is mostly comprised of young women. All of you are invited to the “Women in STEM” event on Friday from 1:30 to 2:30 PM. This event is put on by our major sponsor, Nordson, and we encourage all LCC women to attend along with Mrs. Fine.

Important Venue Information

Our event will be at the Del Mar Arena on the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The general entrance will be the Main Gate located on Jimmy Durante Blvd. just off Interstate 5 and Via De La Valle.

Check out the full agenda and other event information at our website


Parking will be free for everyone on Wednesday and Thursday in the main parking lot. On Friday and Saturday there will be a $14 parking fee charged, per vehicle per entry by the venue.

Venue Food Policy:

There is no parking lot “tailgating” and no commercial food is allowed at the venue (this includes any prepared food that purchased and brought in or delivered). Teams may bag lunches but it must be consumed in a designated team eating area and nowhere else in the arena or on the fairgrounds. Areas will be denoted by signage at the site. Individuals may bring personal snacks and lunch and teams will be allowed to load water into the pits during load in. We have been asked to communicate this to all team members and parents: “If we violated this rule we could jeopardize being able to hold the San Diego Regional at the Del Mar Fairgrounds “

Venue operated concessions will be available Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.